Digitalist Network // October 17 2017

My First 30 CEO days

I started serving fellow digitalists, customers and partners offcially just about two and half weeks ago. You can watch the video from my first words to our employees. Since then, it’s been an information overload I’ve never experienced in my life. Enjoying every second together.

In my first “all-hands” to fellow digitalists, I asked “If we could spend the best times of our business life together” and how we could be 20% more together. Obviously our company needs better performance to continue growing. We’ve had very nice discussions about our future with our people and customers. Future looks good, although there is a mountain of work ahead.

We will release website on our superday (Telia IOT Forum + Helsinki Studio Open day 1.11. 2017) and from that on, we’ll have only one, global and united Digitalist. I hope we bring activists together from all continents. Join the movement?!

Digitalist Group is a fusion of at least four or five different cultures. Digitalists, Wunderkraut Sweden, Ixonos oyj, Cresence oy and Interquest. No wonder, everybody seems to recognize the name, but don’t know what we really do. Past two weeks have been a great opportunity to crystallize our value proposition. What makes us unique? How are we different? What do we do and deliver and how. You’ll see the first set of answers early November. Of course, as Digitalist always, it’s a work in progress.

We will open up and continue discussing our values (we use our own Leanlab product from Interquest), visiting more customers and hiring new digitalists. You can check our open positions in Canada, US, UK, Stockholm and Finland here. What we can offer is real international clients with huge challenges. Our studio platform and rich international culture makes Digitalist days always interesting. I even wrote about finding my dream job for now.

I wrote about my first 100 days challenge and have started with a good pace. As I’m writing this, my fellow Digitalist and former CEO Sami is preparing for a flight to west coast. So you can expect good news from there too! We now have two operative continents and are building a journey of our lifetime. You are more than welcome to join us. Just say #digitalist !



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