Valtteri Seraste // January 22 2018

My First Year as a Digitalist

Good grief, has one year passed already? My, oh my! Well, I guess it is like people tend to say, time flies when you’re having fun. I thought it might be cool to sum up my first year as a member of Digitalist. I’ve written a couple of blogs within our company already, and it has been fun. I enjoy writing, and I’ve had a nice feedback.

I entered the world of Digitalist Group in December 2016. I had just graduated the day before I started at Digitalist Group. And from the day one, I’ve felt welcome. The first year of my career here was quite eventful. Rebranding, merging, defining values, meeting new people and learning new things. The drive to improve and grow is genuine in this organisation.

At the moment I’m working as a test engineer, and at the same time I’m studying product and service development. The goal of these studies is that in the future I can act in the middle of design and development. I hope that as I widen my competence, I’ll be able to be a bigger part of the projects as well, from the beginning to delivery. I think that this sums up quite nicely the fact that our desire to develop ourselves is supported.

Couple of things come to my mind when I think of Digitalist. First of all, the people. Everyone is easy to approach and talk to. Seems like everyone is open to work with anyone, as it should be. Secondly, I feel like our organisation is open for our wishes. I wanted to study product development and service design, and that was accepted without a question. I actually was a bit surprised of this, and of course super happy and grateful about it.

So, the sum up of my first year as a Digitalist: Great people with great effort, an environment that contributes self-development and an organisation easy to be a part of. Good stuff peeps.


In the header image you can see me enjoying Slush ’17

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