Ville Tolvanen // November 23 2018

Five years of Digitalists

Five years ago around these days the Digitalist story was born. It was born out of the will to digitalise Finland and create an arena to advance digitalisation. The dream was to combine operators like TED and Mashable. Everything had to be free and open. In the very first idea-pads we were dreaming of a hundred arguing and sparring consultants and a thousand followers.

Today it’s great to be advancing digitalisation everywhere and in all fields that are important for the world and life: Energy, housing, construction, transportation, manufacturing, health and business. It feels like the world is getting better. Slowly but steadily. I am very much anticipating when the millennials will take the director seats of companies by storm and express their visions of value and producing value.

Five years has gone by quickly, but also produced a tremendous amount of experiences, memories and relationships along the way. I never could’ve imagined all the places this would take me to preach the new and yet unseen order. Amazing stuff and quite weird things too.

I feel like when it comes to digitalisation we are at the end of the beginning. We have handed everyone data terminals and we are taking different things online, a part of a network. We are collecting data and thinking of what should we do. Using a network in different situations is continuing to grow.

I’m talking in California about new things and their thoughts about the future. Even with the net there are slow and fast development seasons. Now we are living the dominance of GAFA and the development seems slow. But, as we speak, in the Silicon Valley next generation user experiences and technologies, that break the way of thinking on different areas of life, are being created

I am grateful I get to live in a time, where ”we are the last stupid generation inhabiting this planet”. I see how utilising technology is changing my life in every possible way. I am grateful that I can sleep, travel, move and consume more sustainably and much smarter. I have always thought that the main purpose of the net is to produce more and better for less.

Next we will see how the network of Digitalists will succeed out in the world. We are already one of the biggest start-ups in the West Coast with our 50 professionals. We are a rapidly growing and internationalising consulting company and in many ways the pioneer of ecosystems and platform economies. At this five-year mark we are back at the beginning. Going to a next level as per ”Day one -thinking”. I am wondering if this next step will change my life as much as the first one.

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