Ville Tolvanen // April 24 2018

From Brands to Platforms

From Brands to Platforms

How about capitalizing digitalization instead of just nurturing separate services and programs? Real digitalization calls for new thinking and culture through openness, interaction, agility and co-creation.

We tend to think platforms as technical infrastructure, but we should move from tech to understanding platform thinking that integrates philosophy, methodology, tools and communication. There is no success without another. Platforms call for user created content and vice versa.

Here is Digitalist example of co-creative innovation platform we also build for our clients.

How to follow Digitalist success and create b2b2c platforms?

  1. Create compelling vision, story and mission. We consume ideas more than products or services. Start with why…
  2. Build community for insights, innovation and customer service
  3. Connect online with other platforms for content, communication and marketing
  4. Deliver value and services based on your ecosystem needs
  5. Partner with everyone interested in your vision. The bigger the ecosystem, the more valuable it is for the users

Manufacturing, engineering and energy is moving rapidly from business processes to ecosystem. To really amplify your vision, start co-creating with users, partners and even competition. Crowdsourcing is fantastic tool better customer experience.

Your customer experience is your brand. How about innovating, co-creating and delivering through powerful platform experience?


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