Ville Tolvanen // June 18 2017


Every effective strategy demands a working action plan with Go-To-Market section. As good strategy points out direction and goals and objectives, A good action plan defines 1) what, 2) how, 3) who and 4) when things should be finalized. Part of a great action plan should be a clear understanding of company’s go-to-market planning.

Every brand needs a crystal clear understanding of its go-to-market strategy. The most important thing is to have relevant answer to what makes us unique. Being unique is a complicated matter. Although tough, still the best brands are able to provide unique selling points as part of their market approach. Good go-to-market planning should include shared ideas on why do we exist (purpose), what is our value added and how, where and when do we deliver value? (As well defined by Simon Sinek.)

In digital era, the best way to think about concrete ideas for GTM is to analyze brands success in digital channels and then try to combine figures with data from physical customer journey touchpoints. You always need enough 1) awareness. 2) interest 3) good decisions and 4) action from the customer sides. Audience should be thought as former, future and existing customers.

How to create a unique go-to-market plan?

  1. Start with internal and external discussions on why, what and how. Ask people what makes us unique and don’t be afraid of different views and ideas on what we should do.
  2. Get more insight. Use tools like Leanlab (by us Digitalists) to create content and interaction around difficult topics.
  3. Use Design sprint or some other effective framework to crystallize the plan.
  4. Publish your ideas and have comments for the plan outside the company.
  5. Analyze, follow and study the plan in action on a daily basis.

The toolbox for successful business especially for growing companies is combination of clever strategy, understandable value proposition and a go-to-market plan. To become more successful you need a game plan that increases brands recognition, interest and action at the same time. To reach perfection in GTM-planning you should combine customer insight with desktop analysis and creative thinking.

A great GTM is not a report or presentation but a framework and action plan to push company to the next level!

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