Petteri Mäki // December 01 2017

Do-gooder’s Thoughts on Slush ’17 and Being a Digitalist

Have you thought about why you wake up every morning and head to work? Is it about money? Fame? Just getting by, counting the days to the next vacation?

For me it has always been making a difference. Knowing that what I do benefits the people around me and the world as a whole. That’s one big reason I find myself responsible for Digitalist public sector clients – with public services like or digital services of the City of Vantaa or University of Helsinki the benefits of our work ease the lives of countless of people. How could someone not enjoy that feeling?

This year’s Slush has been a triumph to people being the drivers for positive impact. Whether the speaker was Al Gore with his call to action on climate change, President of Finland Sauli Niinistö and his thinking of changing the common enemies to the pursuit of common good, or anyone of the world-famous entrepreneurs, the message is the same. We can all contribute to the change, through our work and entrepreneurship. Everyone counts, and the key is in co-operation and aiming for the common good.

Being the mushy do-gooder I am, I feel fortunate for having landed in the digital industry that can really make the world a better place. Whether it’s the future of food, transportation, education or work, everything is, and will be, transformed by the digital revolution. The co-creation of future services with engineers, business experts, designers, end users and the community around us all will be the key to making a real difference.

At Digitalist we have a mantra stating our priorities: People – Planet – Profit. In that order. That’s why I feel I’m in the right place at the right time.

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