Digitalist Network // October 04 2017

Greetings from the Stockholm Studio!

The Stockholm studio begins our blog series called Greetings from… which introduces our people and studios around the world!

The Stockholm studio is situated in a part of Stockholm called Södermalm, Design District, and the studio is actually a former tobacco factory. The area was an old, working class neighbourhood before becoming cool. Matts Hilden, Creative Director, tells that the best part of the location is the central location, cool neighbourhood and the great factory style studio. Previously the studio was located in Gamla Stan, the tourist mecca of Stockholm. The favourite place for everyone to gather in the current location is the indoor beer garten.

Stockholm studio by numbers, in addition this there is the VP, Head of Sweden. 

The 45 employees of Stockholm studio come from all over the world, Sweden, of course, Finland, Russia, Bangladesh, Spain, Austria and Scotland. The Stockholm studio is quite young, as the average age in the studio is 37. Michael Axelsson, Developer, Scrum Master, is the longest standing member of the Stockholm studio (excluding the founders) and has been working in the company since 2008.

Matts Hildén, Creative Director, tells us a bit more about the history of the Stockholm studio:

“It started out as a student project at the Stockholm university back in 2000. Me and Fabian von Tiedemann had a dream about world domination by simple online games. One hing led to another and soon we were a web, design and advertising agency, doing everything from websites to brand design, books, magazines and advertizing. In 2007 we merged with another company and formed NodeOne specializing in Drupal, we grew and then formed the Wunderkraut group in 2012. Then this year the Swedish part (45 people) joined Digitalist Group!”

Matts says that the best thing about the Sweden studio’s employees is the diversity and the passion for great work. There are some rituals that are particular for the Sweden studio, says Matts: “When a deal is landed, the sales guy must play a drum solo on our own drum kit (see the topmost photo of Matts giving a drum solo). We have at least one yearly big office party gathering some 200 staff, clients and friends.”

The mascot of the Stockholm studio, the Druplicon. Photo by: David Enlund 

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