Ville Tolvanen // June 24 2018

Growing One Digitalist

Dear Digitalists,

What a ride. The first six months of the year have been something to remember. We opened new co-creative studios in San Francisco and Vancouver. Both teams have been successful in creating new business and winning new customers. At the same time we focused on our core strategy and had to give up operations in Kemi and Jyväskylä. We live and deliver our mission to create new ideas, services and software from ideas to life.

Digitalist events, workshops and sprints have become very popular. We had events in Helsinki, Tampere, Stockholm, San Francisco and Vancouver. Sharing is caring attitude brings together thinkers, doers and customers in need for anything new. The themes this spring varied from AI to Smart cities and data based marketing leadership. Fantastic moments and all captured and available on Digitalist TV.

We are growing to become one and united Digitalist movement. Our strategy of “a creative software” company is well received and we won new business from Honda, City Cruises, Nokia, Unionen and Finning. All of our studios are better off than a year ago. The future looks promising.

Let’s Grow Digitalist

Besides all face to face meetings, our website is popular for best of breed professionals writing about their work. New Digitalist profiles are created daily and new partners show their interest to be part of the movement. The highlight of the season was strategic design and branding agency Grow joining Digitalist. Let’s Grow Digitalist and spend the best years in business together!

Something to still improve is our financial performance. We believe in people, planet and profit. Digitalists come first, but always keep in mind the planet and performance. With solid figures we are able to advance our global mission even further.

I feel thankful for getting an opportunity to best probably my best years in business with Digitalists. The opportunity to combine world-class design with latest technology is a dream becoming true at the moment. Can’t wait for the next season after a short summer break.

Thanks to everyone who feels Digitalist in their hearts. Special thanks to anyone who chose to work with Digitalist this season. See you all online!






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