Digitalist Network // December 15 2017

Hacker X Recruiting Event a Success in Vancouver

Digitalist Vancouver studio hosted a very successful Hacker X recruiting and marketing event on December 12. More than 60 candidates attended the event (although we were expecting 30) and this was another exciting opportunity to position and introduce ourselves to the development community in Vancouver. We were able to meet skilled professionals and position Digitalist within companies attending. Our team re-connected with acquaintances and met new ones. It was interesting to learn where junior candidates are currently focusing their careers (much more on data science and ML).

In the past we have directly benefited from similar events (welcomed, for example, Senior Solution Architect Jonathan Kerr) and we were proud to step up and serve as leaders in Vancouver’s digitalist community. December has been a banner month for the Vancouver studio, and the Digitalist transformation and impact in Vancouver, North America, and our global presence: sponsoring Finland 100 event, organising an AI/ML session and Hacker X event.



In addition to Digitalist team we hosted BTL Group, Colliers International, Perfect Mind, Digital Town, Connect the Dot, Talemetry, Worksafe BC and Yongle Technologies. A huge shout out and thank you to our fellow participating companies for sharing their stories, challenges and we look forward to continued collaboration.

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