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Highlights from Drupal Dev Days Seville 2017

These are some hightlights from the sessions and workshops that were held at Drupal Dev Days in Seville 2017. The venue in Seville was a amusement park called Isla Mágica close to the city center.

These are some hightlights from the sessions and workshops that were held at Drupal Dev Days in Seville 2017. Dev Days is a European Drupal conference with a big focus on sprints, in depth sessions and workshops. Many core maintainers and maintainers for contributed modules come to this conference. The venue in Seville was a amusement park called Isla Mágica close to the city center.

Drupal 8.3.0: The features are ready. Are you?
Gábor Hojtsy presented the news in the upcoming Drupal 8.3.0 release scheduled for 5:th of April. Gabor explained the cycle a experimental module in core must go through to actually be kept in core. Inline Form Errors is one of the modules that hasn’t reached a stable release in core through three minor releases and might be removed from core if not stabilized. Another thing mentioned was that keeping core up to date in your projects is essential since all minor releases will not be supported. One long term support (LTS) release is planned but there is no date set yet.

Commerce 2.x: Lessons learned
Bojan Zivanovic talked about what struggles they’ve had in the Drupal 8 rewrite of Drupal commerce. Commerce is a good example of a real world Drupal implementation where many of the APIs, fields and modules have pushed the development of Drupal core and some code also found it’s way back to core and into PHP libraries. It was interesting to hear how the project has been optimized for developer happiness and many complex settings pages have been simplified compared to the last release.

Headless the Gizra way – Elm
David Hernández Ruiz and Roy Segall had a two hours workshop on how Drupal 7 can be used as backend for a Javascript application written in Elm. Elm is purely functional language that is compiled into javascript. We started looking at the RESTful module and customized an example endpoint to provide more data. On the Elm side we customized some code to consume the new property provided by our backend. The use case for the frontend application was a chat application with different boards and messages. On the website for Drupal Dev Days there is a link to the slides shown in workshop.

Drupal testing

Getting up to speed with testing on Drupal 8l
This was a two hour workshop with Pieter Frenssen were we looked at how you can get automated tests going in your Drupal 8 project. Travis CI was used for continiusly running our tests when new code was pushed to git. Pieter has put together a nice Drupal template with support for Behat, PHPUnit and some other sweet tools. We looked at how tests can be integrated in your agile workflow and in your daily development work instead testing being something added afterwards to your project. After the session Pieter tweeted about a github project where you can see some Behat tests from a real project.

Drupal 8 Caching overview
Sascha Grossenbacher gave a presentation on the caching layer in Drupal 8 explaining cache contexts, keys and tags and how to use external caching services to make your websites perform well under load.

Building a media site from scratch
Janez Urevc held a two hour workshop on how you can build a nice editorial workflow for working with media on your Drupal 8 site. We looked at what can be done only using the contributed media modules available today. Some of the modules we looked at was Entity Browser, Entity usage and Media Entity.

Advanced Configuration Management with Config Split et al
Fabian Bircher held a session on configuration management in Drupal 8 and some tips and tricks to be able to have configuration in production changed without risking it being overriden in the next deploy. Check out Config split. In our case it has been working with Webform and Drupal 8 that really pushed us to look into these tweaks on how to work with configuration that can be added by the end user.

It is still undecided where the next Drupal Dev Days will be held. Maybe in your hometown?

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