Ville Tolvanen // July 09 2017

How to Win Customers’ Love

Selling has always been somehow natural to me. Maybe, it’s because I don’t think that I sell anything. What I do is help people and companies on something I’ve done and seen before.

On the other hand, I’m selling all the time. I love to meet with existing and new customers. I like to call them partners. We’re partners in crime trying to improve business and solve obstacles one at the time.

I don’t see selling my thinking and experience as sales. I believe it’s doctoring leaders to create better performance. If there is value and work related, of course it’s also invoiced according to customers perceived value.

I’m not sharing my skills with just anyone. I look for relationships where value is mutually perceived and the partnership recognized by everyone. I have a history of very long customer relationships. I think it’s about sharing the best moments at work together.

All the work is where the customers are. Everything else is secondary to working and sharing with the customers. I think most if not all the time should be spend building and nurturing great customer partnerships.

So How to Win Customers Love in practice?

  1. Start with your vision about customers challenge and solution. Don’t hesitate to be naked and direct. Customers value that are based on value instead of invoicing only.
  2. Show your skills. Don’t hesitate to think about right solution as presales and show customers what you would do in his place.
  3. Create compelling approach. Show how to work will be done and what are the steps towards success.
  4. Prove your approach with examples of similar processes (I assume you’ve designed your own services to eat your own dog food 😉
  5. Show other references to create commitment and respect
  6. Explain commitment, investment and Output and Outcome. This is most important. Do not sell the process but the results and benefits. Your changes grow exponentially if you tell where the process takes the customer instead of just process. Do not leave customer alone with the VALUE of your work! I think too often people in sales get too excited about themselves instead of the customer benefits.
  7. Prove everything you said by your personal and company facts. Make your pitch real by showing that this is what you actually do. Remember to start with customer value, process, benefits, outcome and sign everything with real facts.


Stop selling. They say salespeople fail because they don’t try enough. Stop trying to sell. Start sharing your excellence and caring about your customers business.

Eventually you’ll get your numbers when customers receive their benefits!

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