Anssi Karvinen // August 14 2017

I am a Digitalist. What does it mean to me?

I have been running a lot of projects and seen a lot of different customers. There has always been one thing in common in the cases when we have succeeded and the outcome has benefited all parties. In my opinion, that is what we call co-creation. For me it means that all parties included in the project work as one team aiming for one common goal. Whenever any party starts to maximize its own profit by the expense of others, things starts to go wrong. Every time. But when all parties work for the common goal aiming for common success the project has a chance to succeed, and it usually does. The only exception is if the goal is not set right – that is why agile is so important. One must be able to change direction whenever necessary or even end the project if it does not serve the business purpose anymore.

We have always tried to co-create solutions, but not all companies have been ready for that yet. I think that these kind of companies that treat their suppliers as their “slaves” will soon be out of business. Digital transformation is already a reality and it cannot be done in a successful way by old fashioned thinking such as some traditional companies still do. Digital transformation is a totally different way of creating new business than building up physical products (even though the co-creation would help them too).

Today, at Digitalist Group we have the whole chain in place. We can start by research, both traditional research and digital research using our LeanLab product that has already proven to get better results than only defining customer journeys and and doing work shops together. However but both methods are needed for getting the most out of the business case. We have competence, methods and tools for building up the business cases together with our customers. We have exceptionally good user experience designers as well as visual designers. We are also masters in technology and creating software and hardware solutions. We have DevOps teams to support the solutions and improve them further. And most importantly, all our teams work seamlessly together with great positive and inspiring attitude. That is something I have not seen anywhere else before. Big words, I know, but I truly believe that this is who we Digitalists are.

Also, our project management capabilities are on an excellent level. However, personally I don’t like the old fashioned role called Project Manager. For me it is much more. It is not management (except mandatory financial and legal stuff). Our project managers are business savvy inspiring leaders, facilitators, modern catalysts, scrum masters, innovators, problem solvers, hardworking hands-on workers and they are always driving the project towards the common goal in the most efficient way.

And that is not even all. We have a great network of other companies working together with us whenever some special expertise is required. We openly share our experiences and we encourage our customers and partners, even competitors to join our journey towards a better world.