Ville Tolvanen // June 09 2017

I love Digitalist

Just over 30 days with the Group and I already love it. I love what we do: Combine special talent and unique customers with challenges to create tomorrow’s solutions today. I think that’s just what world needs. Digitalists who see the world becoming better driven by data, growth and sustainability. In my opinion it’s partly in our hands to create better version of the world.

We’ve started a unique journey. The road ahead is fulfilled with new AI, technology, services and business. Leaders of the new world demand partners with methods, experience, insights, skills and talents to deliver working services and bright solutions. The new era demands co-creation on every level. The pressure is on transformation. How do we adapt culture, create new business, and everything with less?

What makes us unique? I think it’s the combination of people with experience and skills, open-minded and popular network, our business partners, our DDD approach with real insight, design and ability to deliver. Our special connection with our customers and ability to meet and fulfil their needs makes our relationship special.

This spring we had former prime minister, professors, leaders and CIO and CMO of the year speaking at our events. Just to name few. An average of 2000 participants in six events. Number of followers in FB and TW is growing. We’re striving for the digital future and moving from Finland only to a more global perspective. I see our success in Finland as a good start.

Why do I love Digitalist? Because we’re on a mission and we have the strategy to go beyond our expectations. I share the passion to create digital future. I love to see Digitalist people at work. The only thing we’re after is better financial performance to prove our point.

I can’t wait for the months and years ahead. I’m sure there will be … Digitalist stories for everyone to remember. Let’s enjoy these days and times we work together. I believe they will be the best for every one of us. With D network we always say that “sharingiscaring” so let’s keep that in mind. Let’s build one, united and unique Digitalist.


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