Heidi Lemmetyinen // April 09 2019

Inklusiiv Campaign Promotes Discussion on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Finland

Diversity, inclusion and equity have been hot topics in the tech industry in Silicon Valley and many other parts of the world in recent years. Interestingly, there has been very little of this discussion happening in Finland.

While Finland has a reputation for equality, it actually holds a high OECD ranking in gender-biased occupations. The Finnish tech industry is very heavily dominated by men – just 19% of tech employees are women. It’s hard to discuss diversity and inclusion in Finnish because the vocabulary simply doesn’t exist for many common terms.

Katja Toropainen, the former Chief Program Curator of Slush, has had enough of this. She set up the Inklusiiv platform to spark discussion on diversity, equity and inclusivity in Finland.

Digitalist is a proud partner in the campaign. Digitalist designed the header for the campaign, and San Francisco studio head Teppo Kuisma is featured on the main page as a corporate spokesperson.

The website also features a blog and an information bank with research data on diversity and inclusion that companies can use in their recruitment, culture initiatives or product & service design. The campaign encourages technology companies to report their diversity data, as it’s the only way to learn and track progress.

“We want to show why diversity and inclusion matter and make information on them available for everyone. There’s a lot of data on why diversity simply makes good business sense. We’re sharing practical information that companies can utilize in their recruitment, R&D and company culture,” says Toropainen.  “We’re giving people and companies the opportunity to familiarize themselves with diversity and inclusion topics, learn together and explore solutions.”

“If we want to build better companies and better products for consumers, or create new global success stories originating from Finland, we need to have this conversation now. Every employee deserves a good, inclusive working culture.”

“Diversity is a competitive advantage. You can’t create good design or code without a wide range of perspectives,” says Teppo Kuisma from Digitalist. “Different kinds of people from many different backgrounds use technology, so technology should also be created by a diverse group of people. Digitalist is excited to be a part of the Inklusiiv campaign and promote the diversity discussion in Finland.”


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