Digitalist Network // April 27 2017

Ixonos Plc and Digitalist Network join forces to renew user-oriented service design through co-creation

Ixonos Plc have today announced that it acquires the Digitalist business from Rome Advisors Oy. The business includes Digitalist Network, Finland’s largest digitalization community. By joining forces Ixonos and Digitalist Network are going to renew the way of doing user oriented service design and digitalisation by the means of co-creation. At the same time Ixonos’ Board of Directors propose to the Extraordinary Annual General Meeting changing the name of the company to Digitalist Group Plc. The company has already, as of today, taken into use the bought auxiliary business name Digitalist Group and renewed its brand.


Co-creating tomorrow’s experiences today

Both Ixonos and Digitalist Network members share a passion for digitalization and how it can help making the world a better place. By combining the unique way in which Digitalist Network integrates experts, knowledge and companies with Ixonos’ world class research-, design- and technology skills, the new company will be able to facilitate co-creation in an unforeseen way to make the impossible possible and co-create tomorrow’s experiences today.

Currently the knowledge in digitalization is still quite vague in many industries because most of the players on the market don’t yet have the courage to go all in and take it to the core of the customer’s business. The new Digitalist Group will be showing the way in how this can be done.


Making Digitalist Network a global phenomenon

Digitalist Network in Finland has already for a few years time, 12 times a year, gathered a huge crowd both on the spot and online, into Digitalist Forums where top talent from industry leading companies share their knowledge and experiences in digitalization. The discussion is also vivid both in social media as well as on the network’s own blog media. The network, founded by Ville Tolvanen, attracts over 10000 members, 300 bloggers and 12 partner companies in Finland. Now Digitalist Group will expand the network and make all this into a global phenomenon bringing totally new views into the mix and broadening the arena for the current discussion.


Bringing digitalisation into customer’s DNA

“Digitalist Group will develop true turnkey solutions together with the network and demanding customers, who dare to admit that they need to bring digitalization all the way into their DNA. We will be breathing and living within a network of co-creation and therefore we can offer companies much wider experience and insight that will challenge traditional industry boundaries. All our customers, together with network members and our employees, will also have a wonderful opportunity to follow, learn and contribute to the digital revolution”, says Sami Paihonen, CEO, Ixonos Plc..

“Joining forces with Ixonos opens up completely new opportunities for the network and its members. We will make our Digitalist Forums international and provide learning opportunities for companies and other communities about digitalization possibilities. Over 200 Ixonos experts worldwide will ensure that ideas and innovations will be transformed into new services and real business. In the future co-creation will be done as a joint effort between freelancers, network members, employees, companies and other stakeholders”, explains Ville Tolvanen, Chief Digital Officer, IxonosPlc.

Ville Tolvanen will continue his work as secretary-general of the network and he will also as of today start as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Ixonos Plc. In his role he will be reporting to Ixonos Plc CEO Sami Paihonen and he will also be a member of the Management Team.

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