Ville Tolvanen // September 15 2017

Leadership as Service

How do you define leadership?

I believe it’s being in service of others. Service is “to serve” mission, people, business and organization. Delivering real leadership is a lifelong journey towards a better life experience.

We people like things easy. Amazon buttons are amazing. Water from the pipes seems to be a great idea. Centralized heating system sounds marvelous in January. How about leadership? How can we create leadership as a service?

Lately I’ve been meeting with Digitalist employees, owners, users, partners and influencers. The vision for the future is combining the network and group and I do my fair share of sharing this mission and vision. I find that convincing people about a better future is a dream job. I believe we have to try something and work constantly to create a better version of our living. I see leadership as an honor to serve others.


How to create leadership as a service in practice?

1.    Lead by example. I try to do my share to be a part of the shared mission and goals.

2.    Be there for others. I see everyone as my customers and try to be of help for everyone. I get my share of success when we all succeed.

3.    Open up yourself to influences and new ideas. I try to learn every day, every week and every year.

4.    Show your true colors. I live by the mission. I share, participate and serve our mission of delivering tomorrow’s solutions today by heart and beyond our business organization. It’s my life choice for my professional career.

5.    Be part of the team and deliver beyond expectations and create value even when not asked. It’s not about organization, routines and “work” but values, experiences and future. Fight for your right to become something!

Management is easy. Leadership is something you’ll have to take as a lifelong learning journey and understand that you’re never ready. There is always room for improvement and new records. So spend some time by thinking about your leadership skills and performance.



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