Digitalist Network // August 17 2015

Learn the Relation module

The Relation module is a new way to manage things like node references and user references in Drupal 7.

The Relation module is more flexible and more powerful than the solutions like References and the new Entity Reference modules, but also takes more time to set up and does not yet have a fully working widget (or any other good way of creating relations).

During DrupalCon London, there was quite a bit of excitement over the Relation module – the session presenting it completely filled the room, and there were actually people who couldn’t fit in to the hallway outside too. This is partly explained by Relation is a really powerful and unifying solution for managing relations between Drupal entities, and probably also by the idea that something like Relation might go into Drupal core in the future.

This screencast series presents how to use the Relation module, including topics like:

  • Creating relation types and what the different types mean
  • Creating relations using the entity collector block
  • Creating relations using the relation dummy widget
  • Using relations in Views, in particular with Views relationships
  • Using relations with Rules, in particular for creating relationships
  • As a bonus, the last episode contains a custom-built widget for creating relations, using Relation, Rules, Views and Page manager

Relation is an awesome module, and it fits very well into the Drupal framework.

Video list:

  1. Relation presentation at DrupalCity (47 min)
  2. Introduction to Relation
  3. Creating first relation type and the entity collector
  4. The Relation widget
  5. Directional relations and fields on relations
  6. Relations and Views
  7. Explination of the duplicated rows
  8. More Relations and Views
  9. Using Relations with Rules
  10. Customized interface for creating relations with Rules
  11. Relation add block
  12. Relation select

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