Digitalist Network // August 27 2015

Learn the Rules framework

This screencast series presents basic and advanced usage of the Rules framework in 30+ episodes, covering:

  • Basic Rules concepts, such as reaction rules, data types, data input methods, using lists and creating loops, and Rules components.
  • Basic examples of Rules configuration, presenting some practical use-cases for the Rules module (using only the basic concepts).
  • Developer tips covers things like exporting Rules configuration and debugging Rules.
  • Rules Scheduler shows how to schedule evaluation of Rules actions (and other components), and also how to create repeated events.
  • Rules and Views Bulk Operations presents some of the improved integration between two awesome modules.
  • Rules Link and Rules Bonus Pack shows some functionality found in additional Rules modules, expanding your way of thinking about and using Rules – not least by utilizing Rules components from other modules.
  • Exercises to practice your Rules skills are also available.

Video list:

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