Jari Lähdevuori // October 15 2013

Learning branding from the best in social media

Connect with friends and the world around you on Facebook.

Does your brand have friends?

Find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about [on Twitter].

What is there to care about in your brand?

Capture and share the world’s moments [on Instagram].

How does your brand fit into the world?


For the past 5 or so years marketers have been learning the ropes of the new media landscape by observing and living Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes. Trials and errors have lead to an understanding of what works in social media and what doesn’t. Social media strategies have been made, addressing new issues such as listening, conversing and collaboration.

And it has been good. A necessity. Still, it is only the beginning.

Social media isn’t affecting only social media. It isn’t only about what you need to do about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media is affecting the world we live in, and thus the real question is what you need to do about the world that’s changing around those hyped services.

In the era of social media brands need a restructuring. An extreme makeover in some cases. Brands need to be friend-worthy. They need to be cared about. They need to earn a place in the world of their customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders.

Brand building starts at the core. Long gone are the days when a polished surface did the trick. In order to find a place in the world of their friends, brands need to create shared value for the whole community. Brands need to be brought to life through each and every one of their employees. They need to walk the walk, before they talk the talk – brand image is built in genuine acts, based on real evidence. Only then will someone care about you. Capture you. Share you.

In addition to building your brand on social media, start building your brand for social media. In every channel. In every contact points. In every moment.

Start building the social brand.

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