Ville Tolvanen // January 17 2018

What makes us unique?

When I meet with Senior Executives they often ask what makes Digitalist unique? It’s a tricky question. Often the answer is a little bit more complex than what we expect it to be.

Becoming unique requires elements that together create a unique combination for a determined demand. In our case we become the superior option when discussing taking new ideas, services or solutions and molding them from scratch to users and everyday lives.

So what are the elements that create a unique selling point and offering for Digitalist?

  1. Unique people. We have a very experienced team of professionals co-creating together in order to deliver innovations – Insights, design & technology. Our wide array of expertise becomes an asset when customer demands something new. Our range of expertise delivers an exceptional opportunity to solve difficult matters.
  2. Methodology & Tools. We’re even supported by the Finnish government to thrive innovation for digitalization. Our insight & design tools and technology experience serves the high demands of world leaders as Nokia, Spotify, Finnair and Unionen. We need to make sure everyone at Digitalist understands our offering and the opportunity with methodology. With Cresence, Interquest & Wunderkraut expertise we’ve created an exceptional toolbox for innovation.
  3. Ecosystem approach. Nobody drives ecosystems more agile, effective and strong like we do. With an audience of +10,000 and over 20 partnerships, we’ve created an open ecosystem for innovators and innovation. This year we’ll highlight and introduce over 40 “Digitalists of the week” on our platform and strive better design of disruption.

We’ve been designing content and customer experience on publishing platforms, on different frames in computer screens and mobiles. What happens to CX when smart home speakers, personal digital assistants, wearables and cars become the stage for digital user or customer experience? The demand for CXD+T will increase dramatically. This is an opportunity we can capitalize and are also an experienced partner to work with.

It’s the combination of new opportunities and our strengths that together make us unique. One global and united Digitalist.

So are you ready to thrive in a true digital era?

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