Ville Tolvanen // June 21 2017

What makes us unique?

I’ve been asked lately what makes us Digitalists unique? That’s relevant and one of the most important questions to answer. Quite a few people want to know that to start with.

We are creative design and technology company and open network of professionals who think we can improve life by advancing digitalization. We are unique combination of people with exceptional talent, experience and passion to create tomorrow’s solutions today. 

So what we do to become unique in our customers eyes?

  • First of all we always start with user insights if possible. We bring your customer’s voice closer to you.
  • Through co-creation we help you to create future vision and start moving to that direction
  • Digitalist Academy is the place to tell your story and find new partnerships
  • Our global network and partners enable you to learn from the start-ups and established enterprises

Yet another consulting company in a dozen? We don’t see it like that. We’re passionate about insights, design and technology and like to see world changing partly through our commitment.

It’s takes more than us to create exceptional results. We strongly believe that tomorrow of design and technology is co-created with end-users, customers and partners and choose to operate through open ecosystems wherever an opportunity.



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