Digitalist Network // November 23 2020

Marika, In Memoriam

It comes with a heavy heart that our work community has to inform the passing of one of our beloved and highly respected colleagues, Senior Design Researcher & Service Designer, Marika Kokskenkanto. Marika has been fighting against severe illnesses for a while, but never did she let that phase her from living life to the fullest. It is an extraordinary skill to remain positive, keep smiling each and every day, with your family, close ones, and colleagues; ultimately portraying what a powerful woman she was.

The sadness that touched our entire work community gathered us together to share our memories with and of Marika. We have gone through our photos and archives of different events where she was involved in/with. We will also collect these memories for her family, to the best of our abilities, so nobody needs to face the sorrow alone.

Marika was kind, and helpful to others, living by the values of empowerment and positivity. We hope to live up to her values and keep up the positive spirit as memory and honour to her.

To commemorate, we want to lift up her blog post on the power of positivity in cultural transformation, it is the embodiment of the kind of person she truly was. Please join us and embrace her power.

Rest in peace.

Marika’s text about the power of positivity:

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