Ville Tolvanen // July 10 2017

My Digitalist Vision

In my mind Digitalists are people who believe our lives will benefit from improvements through new technology. It’s our job to replace existing version of the world with one that delivers more and better value with less. We connect with companies and other professionals to solve life problems and create new productivity.

Digitalists are people with expertise, experience and skills to deliver value to everyone. We are one team of professionals with wide array of expertise in technology, design and research. There is not just one version of digitalist expert, but rich culture created by people with various cultures, industries and talent. By combining special people with multiple skills we create a Digitalist team to conquer the new brave world.

We may work together with our customers as individual experts in their teams, as a group for a dedicated projects or team up to create unique answers as a service. It’s customers priviledge to decide how to benefit from the value we create and deliver.

All Digitalists should unite as one unified, open and networked team of experts with a mission to co-create better version of tomorrow. We may work in different countries, studios, customers or teams, but we should we be united in our values, mission and beliefs.

We are here to create tomorrows solutions today.

My Digitalist is a movement of great professionals working together to make our working days together as a journey of our lifetimes. We work with the best and for the rest to accomplish something everyone can respect. Our destiny shoud be to work with others to create solutions for better living. In my mind we should aim at making history every time we connect. That’s a cause great enough to spend the best moments of our lives at work together!

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