William Haahtikivi // April 08 2020

New chapter: My first impressions

These are turbulent times we’re living in, but like any new chapter for me, there’s an unforgettable story that follows. The purpose of this blog is to communicate the facades of my first impressions at Digitalist so far, and to outline my expectations going forward.

It comes as no surprise to me that I would begin my employment during a challenging period that the country, and in fact the whole world, is facing due to the health risks of COVID-19. I was informed that this is the first time ever that supervisors, and fellow colleagues would onboard a new recruit entirely online. This itself has instilled a small sense of worry of effectiveness and efficiency towards the process, but I was determined not to allow that to alter my shimmering excitement to join such a prestigious group of professionals.

The first few days were undoubtedly quiet as I was joined by two of my colleagues at the office. However they spared no time in warmly welcoming me to the company with open arms. We went straight into booking virtual meetings with different people of the organisation, with the idea that I’d learn more about the history and culture of Digitalist before the practicalities. That being said, It is clear to me that everyone in the company possesses a great sense of pride being here, by outlining the ‘why’ and ‘how’ things are done. It wouldn’t be a memorable experience if there weren’t the ever so classic: “technical problems”. However, the wizards of the IT department were quick to solve any and all problems that would’ve hindered me from beginning my work fluidly. (Another great on-boarding touchpoint)

I was greatly moved with given the opportunity to hop onto running projects as a new-comer, it allowed me to slowly but surely grasp the overwhelming scale of things surrounding the company’s operations. Additionally, I’ve been reassured I have the full support from my supervisors and our team for allowing me to take ownership and carry with me a proactive approach to my work duties. The confidence everyone has shown towards me only further encourages me to bring new ideas, experiences, and knowledge to the table, as I aim to help elevate Digitalist to the next level.

As far as expectations are concerned, I am truly convinced that this is a CHAMPION of an organisation for me in terms of growth; both personally and professionally. Being a part of a team that really makes a difference in the world is of personal paramount importance. To conclude on a high note, all I want to say is this – “Let’s get to work!”.