Digitalist Network // November 15 2019

Press release: Creating the future of packaging

When the industry meets experts in circular economy, design and brand development – new doors to innovation open for all.

In a time when companies must become part of the solution and live up to the sustainability requirements of today and tomorrow, unconventional collaborations across traditional disciplinary boundaries are needed to reimagine systems, processes and business models.

The branding agency Grow, part of Digitalist Group, has taken up the challenge and is now gathering experts in circular economy, renewable materials and intelligent packaging with the intention of contributing to the development of the packaging solutions of tomorrow. This initiative strengthens Grow’s and Digitalist’s legacy of packaging expertise which already includes specialists in brand and portfolio strategy, insight, innovation and design.

A new holistic approach to packaging

The ”Future of Packaging” initiative is about thinking inside and outside the box through seeing packaging solutions as a platform for innovation and development throughout the product lifecycle – from introducing sustainable materials like cellulose, to implementing digital technology for smart and connected packaging that makes everyday life easier for both businesses and consumers. By transitioning to a circular economy, materials and products will be fully utilised and remain in the economy instead of becoming waste.

Johan Almquist, Managing Director Sweden, Grow + Digitalist:

“Grow has always been a challenger and we already have established dialogues with the industry’s major players. Everyone expresses the same need for new thinking with respect to the global environmental challenge, especially considering the multitude of innovation opportunities within digitalisation and environmental issues that must be quickly translated into functional commercial solutions.”

Boundary-crossing collaborations drive change

Grow believes that an ambitious transformation at the corporate and industrial level requires that players at all points in the value chain collaborate and strengthen each other, often through initiating new forms of collaboration with new technologies and innovative startups. This is why the “Future of Packaging” is about helping industrial companies drive change processes with the brand as a catalyst and accelerator.

Liselotte Tingvall, Executive Advisor Insight & Innovation at Grow:

”With our new offering, we are targeting the companies and brands that want to make a real change for the better. Collaborations between brands, industries, startups and scientific institutes enable a broader analysis with a direct focus on implementation. It’s all about investing together for the future.”

Smart technology for increased transparency

By incorporating expertise from digital technologies into smart packaging, Grow seeks to enable companies to analyse data regarding product lifecyles on a larger scale. The result of which would make it possible for companies to adjust production as needed, in addition to enabling the use of more local resources as opposed to shipping goods over long distances.

Markus Wulff, Director Digital Innovation at Grow:

“Digitalisation is accelerating the development of a more sustainable society through increased transparency, which for consumers can mean that the origin of smart packaging and goods as well as their energy impact can be tracked and recorded. Creating a transparency between brand and consumer like we’ve never seen before.”

New experts focusing on the packaging of the future

Mats Linder, Director of Circular Economy. With a background from McKinsey & Company and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Mats has been passionately working with circular economy since 2014. He holds a doctorate in physical chemistry which he combines with his experience in strategic consulting and systems design.

David Sandquist, Director of Material Innovation. David has worked as a lead researcher in institutions around the world devoted to developing new solutions and processes for the industrial application of biomaterials. With a background in forest science, he has worked in the intersection of paper, fibers and polymers since 2011 in order to find both functional and applicable solutions.

Markus Wulff, Director Digital Innovation. Markus has broad experience in IoT and helps brands to create consumer friendly services by making the industry, products and packaging smarter. He has previously worked with smart packaging at Absolut Vodka, and within his company Analogue & Tech helping to run the project “Connected package platform” for TetraPak.


For more information regarding the Future of packaging:

Elsa Victorin, Business Director, Head of Marketing at Grow
+46 70 963 27 26

Liselotte Tingvall, Executive Advisor Insight & Innovation at Grow
+46 70 476 31 34

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