Ville Tolvanen // November 07 2017


All business obstacles are leadership challenges

And leadership is built ability to get people working together diligently enough to create value towards the same direction together. Leadership is a team effort. We may have strong or visible leaders, but leadership is based on bright minds sharing and caring together.

Building a leadership as a function is a puzzle. Here is my checklist on delivering better performance every cycle.

Strategy. Do you have a direction that creates unique value proposition to your employees, partners and customers? Can you define a unique selling proposition? Make sure everyone in the company agrees about the road ahead.

Management. Are your people working side by side or together with shared values and for the same objectives? Goals may not be shared if they are just given – Let the team define their masterpiece and make sure you offer support, tools and resources to reach the paramount.

Marketing. Are you helping your customers discover your offering? Instead of sales, try to create demand for your perfection. It’s easier to sell if you’re recognized and desired. Remember that it takes tons of repetition to become famous and even known. Make sure you preach what you practice everywhere and all the time.

Service. Sales are the service. You serve and sell by helping out, creating answers and delivering business value. Everything in business becomes co-creation through different value networks. Makes sure you have something relevant that you can build from idea to life.

Innovation. Great business minds think business concepts as puzzles with never ending opportunities to create better and better versions all the time. It’s the collective learning that makes teams stand out.

Great leaders create teams that learn together.

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