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Recap of Salesforce Digitalist Marketing Forum

What does marketing look like today and in the future? How is marketing led and developed in 2017?

Salesforce Digitalist Marketing Forum answered these questions with an image where future brands lead marketing by combining focus groups, content and channels in a creative way. AI and personalized customer experience are important elements in the marketing both today and in the future. Salesforce Digitalist Marketing Forum introduced Finnish success stories and discussed the role of AI now and in the future. This blog post summarizes some of the highlights of the latest Digitalist Forum.

Salesforce Digitalist Marketing Forum gathered more than 500 people at Tennispalatsi, and a couple of thousand more tuned in online. Companies such as Rovio, Salesforce and Hellon gave insights into their practices, with the The Dudesons talking about their effort in making Finnish companies well-known globally with the help of social media, and Slush talking about their journey of becoming a global phenomenon.

Henning Treichl, Master Solution Engineer from Salesforce kicked off the day with a talk about the power of the consumer, how we might have to change our way of thinking about the content in the future, and how AI and marketing are actually a good fit. Jaakko Wäänänen, CEO of Hellon, followed, with a message that it is no longer relevant to talk about b-2-b or b-2-c but human-to-human business. What it’s all about in the end is the meaningful and enriching interaction between people.


Henning Treichl, Master Solution Engineer, Salesforce. Photo: Dingle


Jufo Peltomaa, Co-founder of Immersal Ltd, talked about AI and its history, also  speculating about the future of the humankind as AI develops further. He also mentioned that we rarely see negative articles in the media about AI. There is a huge difference between the image that media portrays and what AI is actually capable of. Why is this? According to Peltomaa, everybody loves robots but as the world has changed and what counts is the amount of clicks and therefore more sensational headlines are needed.


Jufo Peltomaa, Co-founder, Immersal Ltd. Photo: Dingle


What happens to the humankind then when AI becomes more intelligent and, according to some, will outdo humans? Peltomaa compared human to a wolverine, currently we have them somewhere in the forests, at least in Finland, but nobody really sees or cares about them. People don’t have a need or urge to kill off wolverines. This is what humans are going to be to AI, the wolverines, something that the AI couldn’t care less about, something that can carry on living in the woods, but not really relevant to AI in any way.

Ville Tolvanen, CDO, Digitalist Group interviewed Pertti Korhonen, Chairman of the Board at DNA, about the possibilities of change and leadership. There have been two opposite views about marketing and Finns – either that we cannot do it or that we are extremely good at it. What is the truth about this? Korhonen stated that we have extremely high quality technical know-how in Finland but we are have not reached the top in marketing and sales skills. There is still not enough thought given to sales or the right channels.

The theme for the second half of the day was specifically the Finnish success stories. Jarno Laasala from the Dudesons and the CEO of Rabbit Films, and Miia Linnusmaa, Communications Manager of Tekes, The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, spoke about their collaboration. The aim was to make Finnish companies, from the field of biotech and health care, internationally known. The results from this for the most successful video was 250,00 shares on Facebook and 50 million people were reached altogether.


Jarno Laasala, CEO, Rabbit Films and Miia Linnusmaa, Communications Manager, Tekes. Photo: Dingle


Simo Hämäläinen, Senior Vice President, Brand Licensing from Rovio spoke about how Angry Birds took over the world. Hämäläinen mentioned four marketing factors, which created the success of Rovio – being different, partnerships, ambition and engagement. Rovio has taken a different approach to marketing, a good example of this is having the Nobel Peace Prize winner Martti Ahtisaari to negotiate the sign the peace between the birds and the pigs. Rovio approached the UN for help and last year Red, one of the Angry Birds, became the ambassador for the national day of happiness.


Simo Hämäläinen, Senior Vice President, Brand Licensing, Rovio. Photo: Dingle


Another success story from Finland is Slush, Europe’s leading startup event, and Marianne Vikkula, CEO told about the journey of Slush from a warehouse to an event that collects 20,000 people to Finland and has several events abroad.


Marianne Vikkula, CEO, Slush. Photo: Dingle


From marketing the Digitalist Forum moves onto the changes in the media field, so join us for the next Digitalist Forum on September 5. MTV Digitalist Media Forum 2017 answers to the question of how to get your message heard in the digital age. Sign up for the MTV Digitalist Media Forum 2017 here.

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