Digitalist Network // November 13 2017

Relocating to Vancouver – a Digitalist’s story

Pertti Hannelin from the Helsinki studio moved to Vancouver to work in business development and sales for Digitalist Group’s strategic clients early September. Pertti says that the decision to move to Vancouver stemmed from the “opportunity to be one part of our growth plan in North America – we currently have new interesting business opportunities especially in the west coast, both in the US and Canada”.


Pertti is relatively new to Digitalist Group having worked with the company, and its predecessor Ixonos, since 2015. Before this he spent 11 years in a similar role with one of our competitors. The role he is taking on in Vancouver is very much similar to what he has been doing in Helsinki – new business development with lots of entrepreneurial spirit.


Pertti Hannelin


Pertti has visited Vancouver once before, for a week in May and the city made a lasting impression with its closeness to the sea and the surrounding mountains. Pertti has received help from the Digitalist lawyer in Canada with creating the documents necessary for relocation and also colleagues from the Vancouver studio, John Sangalang especially, have been helping Pertti out with the process. Pertti hopes to get an apartment by mid-September although the first week will be spent at air b’n’b.


Digitalist Vancouver studio. Photo by Pertti Hannelin


Relocating is never easy and even though Pertti admits that he will miss his family, friends, colleagues, sauna and rye bread there are still plenty of things to look forward to. Pertti is hoping to get to know Canadians and the Canadian lifestyle better as well as creating “new invigorating business relationships and develop world-class digital services for instance related to artificial intelligence and machine learning”.


We wish Pertti all the best in his travels to Vancouver and will follow up his journey early next year.


Header photo: Digitalist Vancouver studio, photo by Pertti Hannelin

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