Digitalist Network // March 15 2018

Be a Remote Digital(ist) Worker

My name is Johannes Mattsson, I started working as a backend developer at Digitalist in January this year. I work alongside my mentor David Park, another backend developer at Digitalist, who has been working remotely almost five years now.

Being able to work from anywhere enables me to meet new and interesting people, and open doors that would otherwise be closed. That is what “Digitalising” is all about for me.

Our office is located in the winter city Östersund, Sweden, about 550km north of the head office in Stockholm. Needless to say, without the ability to work remotely, I would not have been able to work at Digitalist.

Me and David are currently renting a room from another company that works in IT, and I personally feel that having people around me in my workplace is important. But we also have remoters that are working by themself.

Working remotely in Digitalist is a pleasant experience, it’s a part of the Digitalist culture to be global and people are joining meetings remotely from all over the world.

Digitalist remote workstation
Tip: Make sure you have a decent microphone and a reliable internet connection.

Working as a remote for Digitalist has been a pleasant experience, there are a lot of other remote workers and it is a part of the culture to have digital meetings. Working remotely can also open up some possibilities that are not that obvious, as an example a few weeks ago we had a visit from a remote worker from Spain, he simply connected his laptop to our wifi and started working.

If you have any questions about working remotely or working for Digitalist you can always contact me on


By Johannes Mattsson, Web Developer, Digitalist

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