Digitalist Network // October 24 2017

Save the dates if you’re interested in ML and AI!

Digitalist welcomed Mr. SK Reddy as the Chief Product Officer ML and AI in September. Mr. Reddy is an AI and ML expert and a successful twice startup entrepreneur. He is a frequent speaker in conferences and meetups.

Additionally, Mr Reddy is a ML blogger. He has written on a variety of ML topics, ranging from Performance comparison of ML models to Deep Neural Networks to process text and images. He believes that machine learning enthusiasts are looking for ML sessions where they can understand more of ‘how’ rather than ‘what’. His focus is to develop ML models to combine audio, image and text processing. Also he has developed solutions in text summarization, question-answering and text mining.

We are happy to announce that you can catch Mr. Reddy speaking in several events this fall so please make sure to write these dates down!

On November 5, Mr. Reddy will conduct a Natural Language Processing (NLP) workshop at the AI Frontiers Conference at the Santa Clara Conference Centre.

Mr Reddy will do another workshop on Natural Language Processing at the Global Big Data Conference which will be organised in Santa Clara on November 10-12.

QCon 2017, which will be organised in San Francisco on 13-17 November will feature a workshop on Tensorflow: Building a Neural Machine Translation Model by Mr. Reddy on November 17.

At AI Europe London 2017, November 21-22, Mr Reddy will have a keynote “Frameworks galore… which one to pick, for what type of use case?” and will speak about the latest approaches to Image processing using deep neural networks.

On December 5, Mr Reddy will speak about Natural Language Processing (NLP) will revolutionize industry at the ACM Data Science SIG talk series in Santa Clara.

Join us in hearing more about AI and ML!


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