Ville Tolvanen // July 05 2017

Soft side of an innovation

We are actually pretty good with technology. Even designing new services seems to be something we excel together with right expertise. It’s the culture and change management challenges that make innovation difficult

How do you innovate and run all the existing at the same time?

This a question I see companies struggling. You get what you measure so if you ask for growth and profit, that’s what you get. And of course the old, familiar and easiest way. How do you ask people to be innovative and deliver all the same at the same time? It’s impossible.

Our solution is creating innovation runway where all new things become part of the main activities.

There is no book of marketing that says to tell what people already know. We don’t have to keep pushing things only we’ve sold already and most of our competition and customers know. It’s the new stuff that needs to be highlighted although still not bringing any profit.

We at the Digitalist see successful innovation as a platform thinking for high performing business programs.

All the companies should have their programs and processes for go-to-market for new thinking and innovation. The best in the world involve customers and insight day one. When you start with customers you come with new thinking and profit. Getting your audience involved early helps you lead the way and make right answers. There is no reason to be afraid of mistakes. They are natural part of any innovation process.

There are many things we can learn from startup thinking. But not the same thinking applies to creating new and leading transformation. We have to know how to pick the best from both worlds. That demands openness, vulnerability, courage and of course hard work. We have to open up and face the world with the facts.

We don’t actually know how to do it, but we already know what it might be in the future. That’s a start for #cocreation and productive work together.

We should always remember that nobody knows what happens next. The best we can do is to have look, start the conversation and build frameworks for the new world. The more and faster we fail the higher the changes are we get it right.

It’s time to move from ideas and growth projects and platforms and innovation runway thinking! Imagine where you can be once you get your shuttle running!

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