Elina Strengell // February 12 2016


Digitalization is here. Let’s start the work.


I’m international, business-minded, and result-driven specialist in digital marketing and eCom, with strong focus on sales and superb customer experience. My passion is in business development, commercialization of new products and services, and new business launches by using the latest digital marketing & sales tools available. I’ve had a start-up of my own and the entrepreneurial spirit runs strong in my veins. This spirit I’ll bring with me whichever project I’m working on.

I’ve lived abroad (Stockholm, New York) for several years, and I enjoy working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I have excellent international networking skills, and I have an access to a wide selection of decision makers in different businesses in Helsinki, Stockholm and in NYC.

Currently I’m available for new opportunities especially in eCommerce, digital marketing management & consulting, and in new business launches. Preferably in a company seeking international growth.


Examples of achievements regarding digital marketing & sales KPI’s:
Organic traffic increase +65%. CRM CTR +23%, conversion +168%. Total site conversion rate +85%. YoY sales +250%. CPO (cost per order) development in paid media: average CPO -58%, SEM -130%, some -50%, re-targeting -65%.


Development of KPI measurement, marketing budget optimization towards ROMI, project & account lead, management group work, marketing strategy & branding, NB launches.
References from managers, colleagues, and customers:

“Her devoted and successful work has been evidenced by substantial improvement of critical marketing KPIs.”

“Strong project management skills.”

“Delivers what she promises and on time.”

“Gives space to customer and is an excellent listener, but follows her own structured agenda with a pleasant and business like manner.”

“She has great sense of responsibility of the mission and capability to manage details without losing the big picture out of sight.”

For detailed information, see my LinkedIn –profile.

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Call: +358 (0)40 710 86 44
Email: elina.strengell@gmail.com
Tweet: @MEStrengell