Antti Sipilä // August 16 2017

Spirit is the business

Authentic marketing by original design leads to most engagement in marketing today. Still many businesses stick to the old, formalised stuff.

Because of the way that social media works, engagement creates awareness through sharing and yields also customer insight and data, so there is really should be reason to undervalue authentic marketing and the engagement it creates in advertising either.
Why don’t we see an outpouring of more authentic marketing communication from the large majority of businesses? I have a theory.
In honest and authentic marketing, the spirit of your business is revealed. Instinctually we sometimes want to hide the true intention, spirit or cause of our operation. It might derive from how we were raised by a parent or teacher who judged us by saying “ I told you so!” – everytime we failed. Or, it might be thought of as wisely hiding strategic negotiation positions with others, or as concealing your assets to compete. In any way, in the context of marketing a business those instincts are wrong, unless of course the spirit of the business has not really been thought and decided on.
For the most valuable 10% of your market and your audience the spirit of your business, is your business.
Think about it. Do they, the best customers buy your product only because its just a good product? Can you sell your services to your dream customer with bullet points of the great features and specs of it. No. Everyone running a profitable business knows you can’t. The best customers have become and are the most wanted and prosperous, because they care about everything they do. They don’t care what kind or shape of marketing material you make, as long they can see that you made a genuine effort that conveys the spirit in which you are proposing a relationship for them.
They don’t want just the product, they need to understand from design and the marketing material, what kind of relationship they are suggested to enter.
The relationship needs to add something more than the product value into their business, to propel and inspire it forward in a new way. Nothing else than the marketing material can give a picture of the spirit of the partner is going to work in, after the purchase. Sure, a good product can market itself, if it can convey and carry the spirit of the business through its design, and thus becoming the marketing material. For example an Apple computer sells for double the price of a perfectly good computer with better technical specs in all of its hardware, due to the spirit it consistently conveys through its design of hardware and software.
Furthermore, like it or not, I have noticed that the spirit of a business comes into office in a business through a single person.
That is why I always ask to meet or talk in the phone with that person who really is in charge of the particular business of which we are making a video, even though I have been said to by some people, that it is not financially sensible to spend time travelling to and taking meetings for a single video that is worth a few thousand euros, or even sometimes proxies and gate keepers are put between me and her by the customer. But I feel that I need to extract the spirit straight from the source, or otherwise I need to run their business on the video through my spirit, which will surely result to a great video, although slightly untrue. The smartest people will see the slight untrueness of the video, and
You really want your business to have the business of the smartest people, because they are the ones who make you grow
in your skills and finances, and they are the ones who really help to sell the product to new customers. That is why I go to the meetings, or ask for the calls, because that is the only way I know to make the best possible video for, and of the business.

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