Digitalist Network // August 10 2018

My Summer Internship Experience at Digitalist London

By Clara Eriksson, Summer Intern, Digitalist London Office.

In June 2018 I started my internship at Digitalist Group in the London office. After a spring term largely interrupted by strikes, I was looking forward to a productive summer where I could work, learn and hopefully come out more grown up than before.

I knew from the beginning that I would be working amongst talented hardworking individuals, but
what I didn’t expect to see was a real camaraderie in the team and a confidence in each other
that made them capable of maneuvering projects with the ease and comfort of a well oiled

Despite being younger and relatively inexperienced, the team welcomed me into their world of
design and technology. One part of my time at the company that especially stood out to me was
the teams eagerness for me to learn- they took time out of their busy schedules to show me
new design tools they were testing out, previous projects they had been a part of, etc. My work
within the company was a compilation of multitude of things. I was never reduced to simply “the
intern”- I felt like a part of the team and they treated me as such.

I didn’t have the typical internship experience that people my age are too familiar with- one of
serving coffee all day long, running errands, cleaning and sorting files all while barely being paid
enough to cover Oyster card expenses. Instead I researched companies and helped compile
useful information, I helped to brainstorm idea pitches, I translated documents and got the
chance to help with the organisation of one of our products stands at International Trade Shows.

I have always identified with the term “third culture kid”; I grew up in a country different from my
parents and I attentended an international school for the vast majority of my scholastic career.
Multiculturalism and cooperation between people of different backgrounds has always been
natural to me, so there was a sense of relief to come to Digitalist where different nationalities,
different branches of the company can all come together and collaborate.

The talent and work ethic in the team I worked with and throughout the different Digitalist
branches around the world is admirable and inspiring, and I look forward to putting the
knowledge that I’ve gained in these past two months to use in the future.


Photo by Lucas Peng on Unsplash



By Clara Eriksson, Summer Intern

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