Ville Tolvanen // June 24 2017


Do you need to improve your results? Don’t just “try harder” but think about creating better synergy. 

What is synergy? I would simplify it as “better combination of existing ingredients.”  To advance your results, think inside out of your activities to upgrade your business formula.

  1. How to work better together as a team to provide better results internally and for the customers? Think about internal communication, routines and processes to get little a bit more done with same or less effort.
  2. How can you create a little bit more value with same resources and time? There is always options and room for improvement. What are steps that give you, say 10% more every week?
  3. Think about customer centricity. What does it mean in your culture and how to make sure everybody shares same ideas. What can you do to become more customer centric? What customers know, feel, think and value in our business? Answer and visualize how can we be even more and make sure everybody understands our role and what we can do.
  4. Improve your weekly deliverables. Ten percent more every week makes a huge difference in a year. What can be done to get even more done with same people, time and effort? Ask people internally how things can be improved. Have a brainstorm to come up with new ideas and make sure everybody hears about new ideas. Make sure everyone is thinking about productivity and try to create open culture for discussions. Slack is perfect platform for improving things inside out.
  5. Become more visible and even more relevant. Make sure you communicate more than before, remember to share all the good news and use earn attention to your efforts. Key personnel social media profiles are golden opportunity to influence if not already used for better purpose. Ask key people if they could commit to share company thinking with their followers.
  6. Plan ahead. Make sure you have direction, strategy and action plan for following 12 and 18 months. Design fall before summer and spring before Christmas. Make sure everyone knows what’s expected next and do it with inspirational stories. Talk about vision, culture and value to the customers. People deliver better results when not thinking only about the work but all the great things ahead.

Synergy is something you can always try use as tool for better performance. It’s easiest and quickest way to get better for less. Don’t think synergy as pain for more work to be done, but inspirational opportunity to create a better version of yourself.

Celebrate synergy as something everyone will benefit immediately.

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