Ville Tolvanen // February 12 2019

Think 2019: Why Smart Companies Are Moving from Platforms to Ecosystems

What should we think about technology and business in 2019? I strongly believe we should completely change our thinking about the role of technology in business. We are rapidly moving from traditional platforms towards value networks that serve entire ecosystems. Big trends like Blockchain, AI and Cloud are spicing up the transformation process.

In the big picture it’s not about new technology. It’s about applying it in your transformation leadership. Technology brings together customers, vendors and partners in a completely new way that’s beneficial for everyone, together and separately.

In the coming years, it’s not so interesting to discover what kind of new technology we’ll be able to innovate. I’m much more interested in seeing how we’ll be able to utilize and apply existing technology to create new business models and better customer experiences in areas like construction, finance, forestry and engineering.

All of these industries are networks, but they currently operate in silos and traditional value chains. Data, technology and human intelligence need to seamlessly work together to create more value for everyone.

Where are you going, Big Blue?

IBM is one of the few companies in the world that has had an instrumental role in redefining our future several times through decades. Now the company is going through another transformation, where it’s both challenging others and being challenged.

It’s obvious IBM is seeking relevance and a new direction by combining its capabilities and technology into something that binds its business together. It remains to be seen how it will be able to reinvent itself this time around.

Based on what I’m seeing at 2019 IBM Think in San Francisco, it appears that the company knows exactly what it’s doing. More than 8000 partners and a strong ecosystem are proving that the company has the right direction.



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