Ville Tolvanen // January 26 2018

Travel, Tourism & Transportation CX for Digital Era

Why do you have to buy nine individual services to get on a skiing trip? Why can’t you just decide address or destination and order the finest version as a transportation solution? It’s all going to change pretty soon.

Global ticketing companies are after customer relationships. They want to make T&T providers both compete and pay for customer attention. If you’re in travel, transportation or tourism you really need to think about their business proposal and customer relationships in a long run.

It’s no secret owning ships, trains, busses or taxis makes you capacity driven company. It biggest challenges and thus focus goes to finance, operations and personnel. What about end user and their needs? Are global giants putting local operators as objectives for fierce price competition? If I would own some fleet, I would really worry about changes in business.

Tourism, transportation and travel are all disrupting at the same time. There are more 1) options 2) competition and 3) purchase power than ever before. That calls for smart moves on strategy, offering, pricing and promotion. It’s agood time think 4’ps for digital era.

The Key question is:

How to win customers love by connecting user experience with customer journey and lifetime value? What makes youl loveable in digital era?

Digitalists are working on creating tomorrow’s solutions today. We experiment with AI, build mobile commerce and customer communities for selling more and understanding changing customer needs.

We are also excited about Travel & Transportation Summit for late August 2018. We will organise an event to bring digital era tinkers & solution providers together. Stay connected to hear more soon!

Digitalists work day and night to create tomorrow’s creative tech solutions today. Our customers include Viking Line, Color Line, Finnair & Honda.

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