Ville Tolvanen // November 26 2018

The view is better from the outside

I have reviewed leadership, entrepreneurship and companies both from within and from outside. Flown to different destinations quite often. Always my help hasn’t been needed. 

However, the conclusions that a professional sees better from outside. That is the very simple truth. One explanation is, that majority of the issues of companies and people as well, are internal, though they are often thought of and reported as external challenges. We think about many things, a lot of things people around us can’t understand at all. 

The level of execution is decreased by the perceptions of oneself and the surrounding, unnecessary fears, assumptions, beliefs and incapability to look at what one is doing from outsiders perspective. In the deepest darkness are those, who don’t open up to outside help at all.

Myself, I am sparred by excellent colleagues, customers, the board of directors, owners, lawyers and close friends. No matter what the situation is, advices are thrown in from left and right, for rain and for sun. For problems and for success.

And yet I find myself repeating the same doubts, drawing in my mind the confines of impossibilities, that don’t even exist and put brakes on faith about tomorrow. Even though a very bright future is on the horizon even though the journey right now might seem very turbulent. 

A human being is built to assume, be cautious, to sense and to invent dangers. We keep our senses open and fresh, though the only need we have, is to maintain continuing learning in everyday life. We imagine worries, though the only valuable thing is to take care of oneself and the work community.

There is too much energy wasted unnecessarily on constant evaluation of your own activities. Believe what the outsiders tell you! Listen to the praise, don’t undervalue it as flattery. Have a celebratory coffee every once in a while and let your worries rest for a while. Just take is it easy. 

By letting go every once in a while and by listening to others, you position yourself to see your world as others see and experience it. It might be refreshing to notice, that most people most likely won’t think that everything is ruined and you are screwed. Some oxygen is good for the brain, so let your conscious mind air a little. Ventilate your thoughts by listening what the outside is telling you. You might get to see yourself in a whole new way for a moment.

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