Digitalist Network // May 02 2018

Viking Line has renewed its cruise application

Viking Line App built by Digitalist has been updated. This is the first cruise application used in the Baltic Sea region for cruise passengers. The updates enable passengers to monitor their bonus points and keep track of their booking information. The application also makes the check-in process easier, since passengers can check-in conveniently using the QR code found in the application.

Viking Line launched its cruise application in 2015. The most recent features to the application include the possibility to monitor the accumulation of bonus points and the status of one’s preferred customer level. The application also displays travel booking information and, for example, check-in and travel timetables.

The application further enhances the passengers’ cruise experience, since the updated Viking Line App enables passengers to book trips easily using pre-filled information and to access the ship’s WiFi network without any separate usernames or passwords.

“There is an increasing interest in digital travel applications and solutions. We want to further develop the Viking Line App and its features to make it even easier for our passengers to get the most out of their cruise experience and the benefits offered by preferred customership,” says Håkan Sourander, Head of Central Marketing at Viking Line.

The application now also provides information about cruise programmes and timetables, and enables passengers to browse through the products and offers of the ship’s various shops. The application was designed to make travel easy and to enhance the cruise experience.

The cruise application can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android devices from the AppStore and GooglePlay store. It is a good idea to download the application well in advance of booked travels to ensure that all features are working optimally before stepping aboard.

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Photo by Markus Gjengaar 

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