Anne Frantsi // March 31 2020

What happens after the crisis?

Right now we are all experiencing an unforeseen situation that forces most of us to work from home and changes the life for both families and businesses completely. But have you been thinking about what happens after the crisis is over? Will life go back to normal as we knew it before, or will there be some permanent changes in the way we organise our family life and run our businesses?

I think most of us agree that there will definitely be a persistent change and for some of us this might even be the stepping stone for something completely new. So even though the current situation might seem overwhelming and somewhat scary, it’s crucial that we keep our eyes on the future and take a proactive approach to this instead of just reacting based on what’s happening right now.

For many businesses the crisis might in worst case be death for their current business, or at least part of it, but at the same time it might open up completely new business opportunities for those who are willing to see opportunity in adversity. For example, restaurants will probably for a while be forced to shut down their premises, but they can still sell food to be picked up or delivered to people. Maybe now would be the time to start thinking about delivering ingredients and recipes for their dishes to people, so that they could prep them at home? How about organising online cooking classes where everyone who attends gets the ingredients delivered to their homes and then cooks together online in a video meeting? There are probably no limits on how innovative you can be, you just need to think out of the box.

Digitalisation has already been almost mandatory for all businesses that want to have a bright future ahead of them but this new world order will definitely make it even more important. Everyone needs to start figuring out how they can become relevant in the digital space and at the same time offer their customers relevant and exceptional customer experiences.

When you stop and think about it, now is actually the time to look at the future, build scenarios for how it could look for your business and create a roadmap that will take you there. If you stop and wait for the storm to blow over, you will risk that you are too late and your competitors will pass you. Starting now is your only chance to make sure that you are ready in time. You also need to remember that you can always adjust your plans and roadmaps along the way, and test your way forward. Now could actually be the perfect time to test new ideas and services, since people are probably more open for alternative ways of doing things than ever before.

We at Digitalist have been working for a long time with companies to analyse where they are right now, how their future could look like and how they could figure out the right direction and steps to get there. We also have the tools and experience to do this process online. Our LeanLab platform is the perfect tool to include your customers and other stakeholders into the process. With it you can set up an online community in no time and start gathering real time data and ideas directly from the right people, while still ensuring that everyone stays safe without any physical contact. You can also use it to test ideas and concepts with them to make sure that you direct all investments to initiatives that there is a real demand for. In our toolkit we also have other online tools that help in the process and take workshops and co-creation online and reachable for everyone.

So, remember to not just think about how to survive this crisis, start thinking about how to go forward and maybe even turn it into a win for you. If you want to discuss how we do Business Disruption Recovery and how we could support you on this journey, please contact us at and let’s discuss more!

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