Ville Tolvanen // June 14 2017

Who Are You?

Sometimes the simple questions are the hardest ones to answer. With big plans and dreams we often forget to get the basics right. Everyone is a stranger to one another until we become visible and sharing things. It’s a great idea to ask the basic questions once in a while and make sure everyone shares the answers.

Who are Digitalists?

We are a global community of people who think that we can advance the world with solutions derived from new technology. We share things and work together towards a bit more and better world for less. We see data, technology and new thinking as a platform for a more sustainable world.

As part of Digitalist group & network we are followers, participants, influencers, partners, employees and owners. Everyone can become a Digitalist. Everyone is free to benefit from our work. Everyone can own Digitalist. We are listed on Nasdaq OMX Helsinki.

What we do?

We understand and help to create better business models. We study new technology and create solutions for a better world. We learn user insights and design services for digital era. We deliver tomorrow’s solutions today. We operate and share a digital network platform for everyone to learn, publish and become an influencer.

Why we do it?

We think tomorrow is co-created. It does not mean collaboration only. We see that other communities and companies need to step up and start integrating intelligence to their lives to improve all things. We see the complexity of the worlds of analogue and digital and like to be the servants that deliver better and better versions all the time. In our world, the best answers are created with users, customers, companies and partners all together. We tend to eat our own dog food too. We believe in living by the preach.

This is what we Digitalists stand for. The only question is who are you and would you like to try a dance with us? You’re free and invited to test our thinking, participate in our events and enjoy the ride together towards a better tomorrow. The community is already packed with amazing talent, ideas and enthusiasm for the better world. Please share your experiences and let’s see if we can be united at some point. We believe sharing is caring considering both things and people.

So please join the celebration by using #digitalist wherever you see it as an opportunity to create a better place for all of us.

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