Ville Tolvanen // June 19 2017

Why #cocreation?

We’ve been asked why all the noise about working together? Is it not what we do on daily basis? The answer is yes and no. There are great things going on but also room for improvement.

Digitalists see co-creation as an answer to many strategic problems. The idea behind this is to create something new with data collected from users, customers and internally that is then processed with teams with a variety of specialities ranging from data analysts to creative directors.

We see that with our methods, tools and expertise we move from single features and ideas to total customer experiences, and from projects to customer and corporate journeys. It’s our shared challenge to create knowledge out of data and capitalize transformation instead of trying to follow and catch all the change.

In the digital era customers decide where, when and how they want to be served so we need to move from multichannel to everywhere and from single point of communication to interaction with everyone.

To succeed, we have to think about tribes and communities over single heroes and move from corporations to ecosystems that deliver more and better value through less.

It’s our job to make all this possible by creating the platforms, tools, methods and right expertise to deliver tomorrows solutions today. We like to challenge us with the industries best so that’s why we’re honoured to serve industry leaders such as Spotify, HP, Samsung and Honda.

As we serve our clients we see the need to walk the talk ourselves. That’s why we’re building a unique Digitalist ecosystem for the best of the bread to connect and share.

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