Ville Tolvanen // July 03 2018

Why growth with Grow?

I’ve been asked several times why Grow and Digitalist?

And what does it mean to customers, employees and the future of the company? Let me try to explain.

First of all, we share the vision of the future. Secondly, after a short romance, we noticed that our experiences and key competences fit very well together. Thirdly, we did not just buy the company, all Grow partners are now key Digitalists and shareholders.

Why combine strategic branding & design with design tech? To follow the global trend where holistic branding becomes part of offline and online customer experience. Together we become “A customer experience transformation company.” Sounds weird? Check your medicine today.

Together we are strong with travel & transportation, consumer and public services, food & beverage industry and high tech engineering industries. We now have 280 senior level experts working together to create from ideas to life.

Unboxing brand experience

Companies start to realize that mobile experience becomes the brand experience and that they need to create holistic “unboxing” experience for the new and existing customers. Everything from the packaging to retail must be aligned with service experience delivered more and more through digital channels. CX becomes part of branding and vice versa. A holistic view of design demands for competences in research, branding, consulting, design and technology. Together we become a creative software company.

Working to fulfill customer needs

Together with Grow people, we are working to offer new era co-creation models to our customers. We try to have the right people with competences in the right place at the right time. For the customers that means paying only for the time and talent needed in order to deliver value. Agile Digitalist teams already co-create through our studios in Vancouver, San Francisco, London, Stockholm, and Finland. We aim to deliver both locally and globally.

Co-creating with the customers

Creating superior customer experiences is an easier thing to say than deliver. That’s why we work day and night out to excel together with our customers. The success is delivered through combining customer and Digitalist talent together to create synergetic insight, design and technology solutions. Our growth and shared business results with customers becomes the benchmark for our success.

Let’s Grow Digitalist. We are already serving customers together and have received very positive feedback from clients both side. We’re also growing and new talent is joining the movement. Can’t wait for the fall season to start and new exciting adventures with world-class customers. The adventure of from ideas to life continues and will take us all to new experiences.








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