Mikke // September 11 2017

Working as a Drupal Developer at Digitalist Group


Customer Solutions Developer

Digitalist Group is looking for a Drupal Developer for our Helsinki studio. Mikke Schirén, who works as a Drupal Developer at our Stockholm studio, talks about his journey in the world of Drupal.

“The journey in becoming a Drupal developer was a bit bumpy for me. I started working with web development around 1999, and back then it was all static html. But I was always interested in doing stuff more automatic, and started looking into open source when I was a consultant working for Sun Microsystem in the year 2000, and really liked PHP and the community around it. Before starting using existing CMS systems, I did the long journey with building my own CMS-systems, and like many others, I discovered that was a really bad idea (one of the sites I built from scratch 2002 is still up and running – the code spaghetti and the bad structure of the database is to hard to replace…).

Before starting doing Drupal I built some sites with Textpattern, which was very easy when it comes to doing simple blog-like sites. And around 2006 I did my first Drupal site on Drupal 4.7. And I can say, that did not feel easy. The learning curve for Drupal was very steep back then. At least for me – I was a self-taught programmer.


The mascot of the Stockholm studio the Druplicon. Photo by: David Endlund.


2011, after some years of freelancing and consulting, I started working as a Drupal developer at Nodeone, mainly working on Drupal sites for mostly NGOs and governmental organisations. That was also the start for me to get more involved in the Drupal community, which has been very important for my growth as a developer. Because Drupal is not just a tool and a way to build web sites, it also is an engaging community, with meetups, camps, developer days and conferences. And I also started to contribute back to the community doing modules and sessions at camps.

At Nodeone, and later Wunderkraut, and after that Digitalist group, I have been involved in building sites for small and big clients – among that for the two biggest Swedish unions, working with integration with external systems. Now I am part of our hosting and support team, helping clients with their sites after the first release.

As a Drupal developer today there are no really limits what you can do with Drupal. Drupal is one of the most mature Content Management frameworks out there.

I have never ever regretted that I started to work with Drupal, the only regret I have – is that I did not started out earlier.”

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