Valtteri Seraste // September 18 2017

You, Me, Digitalists

What a year

Whoa. Company merges and re-branding. What in the world happened to the company I joined  December 2016? Well, a lot, that’s what.

I’ve never been in a company that has done this many moves in such a short period of time. It has been continuous news flashes and updates. “What actually is the company I am working for?” is a question I’ve been thinking about every now and then. And the answer that occurs to me every time is that this company is an organization that makes an effort for digitalization with great people. Yeah I know, sounds so corny it makes some of you sick. But despite of that, that’s the truth. I’ve been here approximately nine months, and haven’t met a person I wouldn’t like or get along with, and who I wouldn’t hesitate to turn to if I needed assistance.

So what actually has happened in the year 2017? We merged with InterQuest and Wunderkraut. We re-branded from Ixonos to Digitalist Group. And just recently our CEO changed. You can read more about all of this from here.

Overall, after all these changes, it seems to me that we have a clear vision about what we are trying to gain, and that is to be a truly transparent and co-working community. There has been a lot of talk about these topics, and I hope that we will reach these goals. That we will deliver.


Open positions, sites and applying

Okay, so as you might have noticed, I’m quite a newbie still at Digitalist Group. But that’s exactly why I think I am a suitable (or tolerable) person to talk about our open positions. Not that I know exactly what is required in our positions, but generally.

If you are interested about what I am doing at Digitalist Group and how I got here, you can get some kind of answer to that from here. Also, with that link I can shorten this text a bit so it won’t take half a day from you to read it. In addition to that earlier text of mine, I’m also developing my skills in technology and soon in design also.

Unfortunately I haven’t visited our other sites besides Helsinki, but hopefully this changes with our co-creation future. We have sites also in San Francisco, London, Oulu/Kemi, Stockholm, Vancouver, Tampere, Jyväskylä and Singapore. This gives you a glance at our locations as we act globally.

At the time I’m writing this blog, we have 19 open positions. This indicates that we are at a growing point and need more Digitalists on our reserve. We have open positions for designers and developers, AI Consultant, First Impression Digitalist, QA Lead, Solution Architect and Computer Vision Engineer. All of our open positions can be found here.

For designers, we have positions for people who can work with iOS or UX. Why not both, even better. We are looking for iOS Designer to work in Sunnyvale, California and UX Designer is needed in San Francisco. Got what it takes? Have a creative mind and co-creative approach? Well what are you waiting for, apply already.

For developers, there are positions in the fields of Embedded SW, couple different Full Stacks, iOS, UI Web, Drupal (read more about one of our Drupal Developers from here), .NET, Android Platform, Android Application, Front End and Mobile. So quite a bunch of open developer positions, in several locations. As a developer, you need the understanding of the systems you are working with, obviously, but with a drive to share and gain knowledge.

Other positions we have are a Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Consultant, who understands the value of data and digital services, a First Impression Digitalist, who is a pioneer in customer service, administration and organizing, a Quality Assurance Lead, who understands the QA infrastructure and test management, a Solution Architect, who understands the needs and supply of technology with service design mindset and a Computer Vision Engineer, who has strong skills with machine learning. Something for everyone, right?

What’s common for all of these positions, is that you should have a desire to join a company which is going through changes, which moves towards transparent and co-creative essence and reaches out for togetherness. Equipped with a proper skill set and abilities for the job, of course. Depending on the position you are applying for, you also should take notice that you might spend a lot of time at our clients’s.

I really can’t tell too much about the application process, except for what I noticed when I was interviewed as an applicant. Of course we talked about what the job includes, what my job would include, etc. But the thing that really made me feel comfortable at the interview was the positive and casual vibe. The thing that was embraced the most, alongside with skills, was that the applicant should feel like he suits the company. So that the interviewer can see the applicant’s personality as fitting in the community. We need different kinds of people, so that we can get more perspective on what we do.

Peace, love and digitalization for y’all.

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