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Honda Motor Co. is a Japanese producer of automobiles, motorcycles, engines and power equipment, aircrafts, and robots. For over a half century, the multinational corporation manufactures and markets automobiles and accessories.



In-Vehicle Infotainment technologies, or IVI, are designed to deliver information, entertainment, and utilities to monitor the car’s performance and encourage economical driving. Opportunities for connecting a car with a smartphone or a tablet are constantly becoming more important factor for differentiation and purchase decision. With its IVI initiative, Honda aimed to deliver connectivity and convenience on the road in order to turn driving into something more that moving from one place to another. By uniting all systems into an integrated service the solution had to offer impeccable performance with future-proof technology, and, most importantly, contribute to safe and enjoyable driving.


Digitalist’s input

Based on the safety recommendations and the brand guidelines, we created a user interface that enables the seamless user experience and consistent communications. Connecting all the devices targeted at keeping up to ever-increasing customer expectations with regard to both performance and usability.



Honda App Store was announced at Mondial de l’Automobile (Paris Auto Show) in October 2014 and added as a standard feature on all new Honda vehicles sold across Europe starting in 2015. Since June 2015, the solution is also available on new cars in the Russian market.




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