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For over a half-century, Viking Line vessels have linked countries together across the northern Baltic Sea. Long recognised as the people’s cruise line, the company’s expertise in ferry, retail, and hospitality exceeds customer expectations in travel and leisure. In addition to passenger and cargo transport in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia, the company provides bus services and runs a hotel on the Åland Islands.



Viking Line has always seen digitalisation as an opportunity to build loyalty, drive efficiency, and boost revenues. By meeting the demands of digitally empowered customers, the company aims to enhance the entire journey starting well before boarding and continuing beyond arrival.


Digitalist’s Input

Digitalist partnered with Viking Line to challenge the traditional notion of seafaring and bring it closer to the customer. In a bid to fully reimagine the experience, the process began by involving players from both sides of the service stage.

We approached a variety of travellers to truly understand people’s behaviour and set the initial statement of the problems to solve. At the same time, we gathered the business leaders to help define, describe and prioritise objectives for the new solutions.




Viking Line’s digital platform offers a handful of tools to streamline cruise planning. From checking prices and making shopping lists to browsing events and opening hours, the app allows passengers to plan the entire trip ahead of time, receive event reminders, and engage with onboard activities.

In order to refresh and enrich the cruise journey, the personal digital assistant enables travellers to stay on top of the experience. The service supplies shopping options and deals as well as information about onboard events and happy hours.

By integrating the new technology with Viking Line’s existing systems, we ensured that all critical data, including information about cruise venues, tax-free shopping and customer profiles, is immediately available for passengers, onboard personnel and the land team whenever they need it. To ensure scurity and flexibility, the service is run on an exceptionally scalable cloud platform.

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Managing partner, sales director
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