Finning is the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer and has delivered excellence for over 85 years. Finning wanted to grow as a market leader and trusted partner across three continents. Digitalist partnered with Finning to create more value for their customers and raise service to a new level for global competitiveness in the digital era. was the result: a platform that gives customers real-time insight across their entire operation.


The goal of Finning’s customers is to deliver projects on-time and on the budget to make maximize their equipment investment. Previous transformation initiatives introduced tools and solutions that improved operations, safety, and performance. However, several aspects of their digital ecosystem lived in isolation and created a fragmented experience for clients.

Digitalist collaborated with Finning’s digital team to produce a platform that underpins their vision for the dealership experience. We conducted discovery workshops harvested insights across their customer base to maximize the impact of our technological and design efforts.


Dashboard and Homepage Screens



We produced a suite of apps that progressed from proof-of-concept to production. Multiple collaboration groups used the experiences learned from each stage to bring the platform to life. Digitalist continues to collaborate with Finning as a key partner in ongoing platform enhancement.

With, Finning customers now have real-time visibility over their fleet, assets, orders, and more. The Transformation of many services to an integrated digital platform provides customers with actionable data to improve operations and make the most of their investment. Engagements with customers have increased, and improved customer support efficiency.



 My.Finning Platform Screens
My.Finning Platform Screens


The Deliverables:

  • Research and Insights
  • Pattern library and design system
  • UX design, service design, customer journey mapping
  • Visual and platform design
  • Project Management (Azure)
  • Software engineering, data analytics, integrations, live deploys

Contact Person:

Andre Peixoto Erthal

Jane Vita Costa